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Darielle Moorer, CEO


I’m Darielle Moorer, owner and creator of Doll’d by Dari LLC. I’m a 24-year old, freelance MUA from a small town called Vance, South Carolina. I have a love and passion for all things makeup and beauty, which is why I created Doll’d by Dari.

As a makeup artist of 4 years, I’ve tried every type of lash and makeup product there is, low and high-end. My ultimate goal is to bring you cute, trendy, top-notch lashes and products, at an affordable price.

My ultimate dream is to one day become a Pro Makeup Artist and a mogul in the beauty industry. So as you shop, not only are you getting some amazing products, but you’re helping a young woman reach and fulfill her life-long dreams. Thank you in advance for your support!

With love,

Darielle Moorer ❤️

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